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  • Bendi B420-82ss N3676

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N3676 Bendi BG420-72 2.0 T AC Arituclated Forklift
  • Bendi B420-82ss N3676
  • Bendi B420-82ss N3676

2.0 T designed to give optimal aisle performance and capable of storing pallets in 1.65m aisles offering great space savings over counterbalance and reach trucks. Our Bendi trucks can achieve a storage density that exceeds that of a very narrow aisle (VNA) installation.


 Make & Model:

 Bendi B420-82ss

Description: 2.0 T Articulated Forklift
Date in Service: Jul-12
Mast: 8200mm FSV
Forks: 950mm
Additional Items: Sideshift
  • 720amp / hr battery  48v

  • 2 tonne capacity

  • 7.2 metre lift

  • Fantastic outside capability

  • Integral sideshift

Available for immediate delivery.  Also available to contract hire or lease.

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