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  • Gary's 20 years with Dawson
Congratulations to Gary Fothergill on reaching 20 years of service!

Gary Fothergill, our Operations Manager would visit the Dawsongroup MH Garforth site when he was a service controller working for a third party company, until one day he noticed a Service Manager job opening. Soon after, he joined as a Field Service Manager where he served for 18 months on the road and meeting with service agents. A short 2 years later Gary was promoted to Engineering Manager and by 2012 promoted as Operations Manager. 

Here is Gary recieving his 20 year service award from Dawsongroup MH & Sweepers Managing Director, Paul Shires.

Gary predicts the next 20 years will focus on technology, with processes becoming more automated - although there has been slow progress over the past few years, he believes we can expect more significant change over a shorter period of time as automation and even AI take a more prevalent role in the warehouse and logistics industry. Employment changes, such as rising minimum wage, will force warehousing to become more automated, and environmental concerns will impact fuel sources with battery lithium power plants becoming the norm over diesel and gas engines.

As for the future with Dawsongroup, Gary predicts at least another 15 years servicing at Dawsons and continue his efforts with the hard work put into a role he’s passionate about.



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