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  • Introducing the World's First Self-replenishing truck!
Introducing the World's First Self-replenishing truck!

We are extremely excited to be able to introduce the world’s very first ‘self-replenishing’ order picking articulated fork truck, which also happens to be the 10,000th Bendi machine to be produced. The specialist equipment Bendi OP is one of a kind and the only production model available. This niche market product is a unique order picker that is a completely innovative fork lift with two pallet handling locations which allows the operator to pick and replenish a pallet without the aid of another machine or forklift operator. The forklift's ability to allow the operator to complete two tasks simultaneously helps to improve overall efficiency. The Bendi order picking articulated fork truck also reduces the amount of wasted aisle space by nearly 50% and allows for a more efficient order picking route.

10,000th bendi





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