Articulated Forklift
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  • Articulated Forklift
  • Articulated Forklift


Bendi articulated forklifts trucks combine the versatility and speed of a counterbalance, the high lifting capacity of a reach truck and the aisle performance of a VNA truck. Bendis can load and unload vehicles in external yards and work comfortably in 1600mm aisles at heights up to 12m and beyond. Bendi trucks allow much higher storage densities than reach trucks or even VNA trucks. They are available in front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and 4x4 all wheel drive configurations to suit any operation.

Electric / LPG powered articulated truck
Capacity up to 2000 KG
Works in aisles from 1600 mm
Mast heights from 5000 mm to 9000 mm
Various fork dimensions
Dual inside and outside capability
Options for batteries and chargers
Coldstore specification available

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