Staff Benefits


We go out of our way to ensure that you get the best experience while working here. To do this we have come up with ways to benefit your work life. This is where our employee benefits come in:

get your

birthday off

As a gesture to our staff, we acknowledge that your birthday is a day of celebration, not work. Therefore we give every employee who has been with us for longer than 6 months their birthday off each year, with full pay and no impact on holiday entitlement.



YourDawsongroup is a partnership with EdenRed that gives all Dawsongroup employees access to exclusive discounts and offers with numerous stores, including discounts on phones and a car purchase scheme. Staff also have access to two election windows (June / December), where they can vote for additional benefits, such as using a percentage of your salary towards additional annual leave, or childcare vouchers. 



We also provide a business mastery course to a selection of staff members throughout the year. The course aims to introduce an understanding of business, company structures, accounting fundamentals, improving competitive advantage and more. The first level is a 2-day course with an exam a month later and can be continued on to level 2 and 3.



While working for us, you will gain access to all the events that are put on through our social committee. They put on 3 or 4 events a year that are either free or heavily subsidised. These can range from paintballing to a day at the races. We try and be as varied as possible so that every once in a while there is something for everyone.

additional training

will be paid for

If you need additional training to benefit your career or help you within your job role, we will pay and organise additional training programs for you. This benefits everyone and can help build on your experience and qualifications, as well as helping you accomplish more with Dawsonrentals.

cycle to

work scheme

We have organised a cycle to work scheme, which gives you exclusive access to discounts on bikes and cycling gear so that travel to work can be more affordable, whilst also doing your part for the environment.

Staff Benefits