Alternative Warehouse Equipment Finance

Alternative Finance

We understand that genuine rental isn’t the right option for every customer.  Therefore, our services don’t just lie in asset rental, but also outright capital purchase and other finance products such as hire purchase, finance leases and bespoke pay-as-you-use packages.

Our in-house finance business – Dawsongroup Finance is an independent specialist business lender.  So, we aren’t bound to overly onerous approval processes that seem to exist for their own sake.

We engineer our operation around our customers and make it as quick and easy to utilise as possible.  Providing access to a friendly and experienced team of professionals who are ready to help and advise.  Our customers report real satisfaction with the service and offer they receive, and we work hard to provide lending solutions that really meet their needs.

Dawsongroup Finance has a superb product offering with variable terms to suit individual customer needs and to ensure your business can thrive and grow.  From new business purchases to project investments, in all cases, we can help.

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