Used Sales

Quality Used Equipment Sales

Dawsongroup | material handling offer a wide range of used equipment that provide a cost effective solution for most material handling applications.

As with our new equipment, we only supply premium brands like Doosan, Linde, Toyota, Unicarriers and others, to give you total peace of mind when investing in a used asset.  Plus, with the trucks being from our own hire fleet we know that they have been maintained to a high standard with a complete service history.

To ensure the quality of the equipment being supplied, all trucks go through the Dawson’s Six-Stage Preparation process;

Step One: Incoming Inspection – We determine the trucks condition and all key safety components such as brakes, forks, lift chains and tyres taking priority.

Step Two: Dismantling – The truck is dismantled and thoroughly cleaned, brake fluid engine/hydraulic oils are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.

Step Three: Refurbishment of components – The refurbishment or replacement of each separate component begins as noted on the incoming inspection.

Step Four: Treatment of the surface – Chassis and mast are primed, smoothed and painted.

Step Five: Reassembling – The truck is reassembled and looks as good as new.

Step Six: Final Inspection – A final inspection of the truck, complete with function check, is completed by our workshop engineering team supervisor and includes a 12 month safety certificate.